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My contribution to the Governance Report 2017

2017: Democratic innovations
The Governance Report shifts the focus from democracy's shortcomings to democratic innovations: attempts to foster democratic resilience and to stimulate democratic regimes.


The Governance Report 2017 (Published April 2017)
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Faculty lead: Helmut Anheier
The 2017 edition of the Governance Report focuses on innovative policies and initiatives meant to address the causes of the democratic malaise, to foster democratic resilience, and to stimulate the (re-)consolidation and development of democratic regimes. Aiming to shed light on how to manage and care for democracy itself, the Report emphasises solutions geared toward enhancing citizen participation and improving institutions in various contexts. Going beyond descriptions of best practices, the Report also examines the trade-offs these solutions entail and how policy-makers can make sense of them.
Contributors: Helmut K. Anheier, Ewa Atanassow, Donatella Della Porta, Andrea Felicetti, Matthias Haber, Nina Hall, Ira Katznelson, Sonja Kaufmann, Didi Kuo, Regina List, Claus Offe, Thamy Pogrebinschi, Daniel Smilov

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